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This Plus This Equals Awesome

May 13, 2012

Throughout our trainings at the SIT Study Abroad Center in Amman, there was one fact about Jordan stressed above all others: collectivism.

“This is a culture of the collective, not the individual,”one of the SIT staff members said.

I heard this being said several times during the day, but I couldn’t feel it. After our wonderful night though, I think I have begun to learn the ingredients to what makes this Jordanian collective society special.






These men, with their music, created an experience that I will never forget. Hokey as it sounds, as I twirled (no touching!) with a Jordanian and joined hands with my fellow travelers and the locals in the restaurant, I felt my first connection to this culture. I failed terribly at following the dance steps in sync, but it didn’t matter — I was a part of something.

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    August 5, 2012 10:21 am

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