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Salt in Photos.

May 22, 2012

In my previous post, I talked about Salt in terms of locals’ perception of Americans, but I didn’t mention how beautiful the city is or show some of the great shots I got. Here is a small collection below:

The Zoo.

Ready or not, here we come, Salt you can’t hide (even if you want to). This is the entrance to Hammam Plaza, the “oldest commercial area in Salt.”

Some traditional Jordanian clothing and a bizarre mannequin.

An interesting way to display wares.

Taking photos on the fly.

We went to a few different museums in Salt, this one had the traditional wedding dress on display.

At St. George’s Church, Marwan Ta’amneh told our boisterous group about the miracles he’s experienced in his many years working there. He was working in the military before he was “called by God” to serve.

Marwan Ta’amneh told us about this grotto, which sometimes exudes water and oil.

Candles burning in the sand.

Some boys we met on our walk that chatted Matt up about the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) Can you smell what the Rock is cookin’?

Oh, my. Obsessed with this delicious, sludgy Turkish coffee.

I’ll never get tired of the beauty of this flag against backdrops like this.

On top of the world (on top of Salt, anyway).

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