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Easter Sunday in Beirut

April 14, 2013
Decorative eggs found in the front of the majority of shops in Beirut.

Decorative eggs found in the front of the majority of shops in Beirut.

Long time, no blog! I have been traveling nearly every weekend and haven’t found the time to blog about the interesting places I’ve seen. Apologies for the lack of timeliness, but I have to go back a few weeks to put up all of my pending posts.

Easter Sunday, a holiday back in the states where I usually found myself devouring the contents of a basket filled with Reese’s peanut butter eggs while being guilted to attend mass, is a big deal here, more of an event than Christmas even. This particular Sunday in the streets, in typical Lebanese style, men, women and their children were all beautifully outfitted in suits and fancy dresses as they hurried to mass.

Church bells rang out over my neighborhood through a scratchy loudspeaker. Omar and I passed through the throngs of suits, slacks and dresses headed to pray, to meet a friend at an abandoned house across the city. (Click on the photos!)

Beirut is full of abandoned buildings, but this one was interesting, because it was nearly abandoned. After I walked past a faded sign advertising what the apartment complex would look when finished, I entered an open foyer – a finished lobby of sorts, with dark marble floors. The first two stories of the 22-story building were attractively finished. As I kept climbing the stairs, the next floor, still occupied, was reminiscent of a slum dwelling. Albeit two other random occupied floors of the 22, the rest were abandoned and unfinished. Some of the empty tiers and stairway held forgotten remnants of life. A soiled mattress. Piles of broken furniture and trash. A child’s filthy Boston Red Sox cap (Go Yankees!). Scattered pages ripped from coloring books.

We spent the rest of the afternoon overlooking the city of Beirut, enjoying the light and breeze streaming through the dusty space. An  unconventional Easter not to forget for sure.

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  1. April 14, 2013 11:58 pm

    And who would be that tyrant that guilted you into going to mass????

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