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Eggs-Press Yourself at Le Mall

April 21, 2014
Love Johnny.

Painted by Maya Akra, one of the 20 eggs displayed at Le Mall Dbayeh and Sin al-Fil, as part of a special exhibition “Freedom of Egg-Pression.” Happy Easter! All photos in this post were shot by OMAR ALKALOUTI.

In honor of the Easter holiday, I want to share a post about giant eggs and the people who painted them here in Beirut.

At Le Mall in Dbayeh and Sin al-Fil this month, there has been a special exhibition of giant Easter eggs titled, “Freedom of Eggs-Pression.

Ali Zein, founder of A!iWA, who sold the concept to Le Mall, talked about how he came up with the idea. He wanted to think big around Easter and what else would come to mind but giant eggs? In order to make it interesting, he included a live-art exhibition for two days while the eggs were painted, then a social media campaign to vote for the best one.

“The idea came to me as I was searching for innovative ways to promote a brand during Easter. I was inspired by the quote “Think Big” and that is when it hit me: “Giant Easter Eggs!” Gradually the idea came alive,” Zein said.

This was no easy task though. Giant eggs equal giant work. Zein explained the process of building and getting them to Le Mall.

“It took three weeks to produce the 230 kg (over 500 pounds) eggs. They were made into two pieces, then joined together. There were 25 people working on 20 eggs – all manual labor!” They were trucked over to Le Mall after production was finished.

This fun display of eggs was less about religion and more about celebrating spring and the festiveness of the holiday, both for the painters and Zein. They wanted to focus more on the colorful, fun and light side of the holiday.

“Holidays in general, especially Easter and Christmas, have become really commercialized. It has pushed the boundaries of religion and people more often think of Easter as a spring festive holiday,” Zein said.

What an egg-cellent idea! (Had to get one pun in) Go and see the finished eggs while you still can. They are still there until the end of the month.

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