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Omar Ibrahim’s Falling Dreams

May 11, 2014

Omar Ibrahim with his son in front of one of his paintings.

This past Thursday, at 392RMEIL393, Omar Ibrahim’s exhibition, “Falling Dreams,” opened. Ibrahim is a Syrian artist who has worked internationally and currently resides in Beirut. This is his first solo exhibition in the city.

“How can we assert that these dreams are really falling, and not ascending upwards in a blue space, when the artist leaves us tangled within the ambiguity and the fragility of the backgrounds which do not obey the laws of direction and gravity? How can we assert that this brutishness of the chained horses, and their struggle towards freedom, is a struggle between lines and colors, and not a struggle between our reality and our torn-apart dreams and our fatigued souls? How can we stand up in front of these barbwires without feeling their spikes with a pain that is ours?” is written inside on a piece of paper to introduce attendees to the mixed media exhibition. Ibrahim says that this is a collection he has been working on for around 18 months.

According to Ibrahim, the metal piece below was the first he made in this collection.


The paintings and drawings are really best experienced in person, with each piece nuanced in texture and detail. The exhibition runs at 392RMEIL393 until May 25th. Photos of the opening and the art are below.

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