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Nights in Beirut

May 27, 2014


So, I have been attending some fun events and thought I’d share some of the photos. I finally have some professional equipment, and although I’m still figuring out how to use it, I’m really enjoying shooting with my stories for the first time. Also, I have a newfound appreciation for photographers shooting in low light!

I did a story for Agenda Culturel on Onomatopoeia The Music Hub, and was lucky enough to end up there on a food night. It’s a really cool space and the founders are planning to elevate support for the music community in Lebanon, as well as do some interesting projects. Below are photos from Romy’s Food Night (delicious, by the way. She learned her badass cooking from her momma).

I also attended the Light a Lantern for Lebanon event, which turned out to be really hilarious and beautiful. The goal was to release lanterns all at once, with wishes, to represent hope for Lebanon. The event was also raising money for three different non-government organizations, which you could choose when you bought your lantern. The hilarious part came when it was time to toss the lanterns into the sky. First, the fact that the lanterns would not light unless they were sprayed with alcohol seemed like a bad idea, but whatever. All sprayed away and then the lanterns were lit and tossed into the air. Some took off high into the sky, while dozens of others started careening at people’s heads after quickly losing altitude. On fire. I personally hadn’t yet lit my lantern, as I was busy documenting my friend’s first lantern experience. In typical Lebanon fashion, just as I was starting to get sentimental about the country with the music and the beautiful lanterns moving across the night sky, I got knocked over my a flaming lantern and in the process, ripped my mine. There goes my wish! Ha. Lebanon…

More photo galleries to come soon (and hopefully they get better)! Stay tuned.


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