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Darsko – a hidden gem worth digging for in Bourj Hammoud

November 21, 2014

I recently had the pleasure of hanging at Darsko, which is a tiny record shop tucked away on Maraash Street in Bourj Hammoud. I love discovering new places and music, so when you combine exploring the great suburb of Beirut that is Bourj Hammoud (the majority of the population is Armenian, so you can also be sure that you will be eating well when you’re there too) with vinyl record after record of unexpected funk/soul/jazz/blues/etc artists, you get a pretty rad combination.

Darsko took nearly a year to open. Owner Ernesto Chahoud, DJ and co-founder of the Beirut Groove Collective, said that it was just an extension of what he was already doing and has been doing since he was young.

“It’s just part of my personal collection that I’ve been doing since I was 13 years old. I have lots of doubles and lots of records that I don’t spin anymore. There’s no more space in my house. Basically my collection is mainly jazz and funk, Afro-beat, Brazilian, rock, 70s punk rock, some Arabic, disco and soul,” Chahoud said.

The small space used to be his grandfather’s shoe factory. His family abandoned it during Lebanon’s 15-year civil war. When they returned after the war, Chahoud’s father had no interest in using it, but Chahoud did, and he turned it into the minimal space it is now, where good, soulful music is the focus of the store.

You can read the full story on Agenda Culturel’s website here! Check out some more photos from the story below, and if you want to dig for Darsko for yourself, call Chahoud 70 990 198 or find the shop on Facebook.

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