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The Christian Science Monitor

Breathing new life into Lebanon’s ancient art of glassblowing” (April 2014)

Deutsche Welle

“Syrian refugees learn to help themselves” (December 2014)


“Beirut’s libraries struggle with funding” (February 2015)

“Lebanon’s bittersweet expertise in prosthetics helps amputees” (December 2014)

“Lebanon’s migrant workers find comfort in drama” (November 2014)

“A dream come true: Beirut boy meets Spider-Man” (June 2014)

“Beirut’s Shoeshine Boys” (May 2014)

“Rescuing Lebanon’s big cats” (April 2014)


“The Record Baron of Beirut” (December 2014)


“These Guys Are Trying to Improve Lebanese Sex Lives” (April 2014) 

The Boston Globe

Syrians stream into Jordan fleeing violence  (June 2012)

Elizabeth Childs’ GOP allegiance scruntinized (February 2012)


“Christians in Exile”  (The Christian Century, pages 28-30, June 2013)

“Lebanon’s Migrant Workers” (Arbetaren, March 2014)

“After risking lives at home, Syrian doctors keep on giving”  (The Jordan Times, January 2013)